Last Updated : April, 2019

Before I got active at Medium again and joined their partner program, I read mostly books and online posts. Many of those posts were written by other bloggers. I didn’t read most of them because I was interested but because I was networking. I belong to several Facebook groups for bloggers and we help each other out by reading and commenting on each other’s work. Many of my blogging friends write about products I have little interest in, though some about gardening, homesteading, books, and writing do interest me.

I have stopped posting to my blogs temporarily for a few weeks until my taxes are finished and I get a few projects done around the house. At this time I’m concentrating my writing on Medium to see how it works out for me. So far I’m breaking even and earning a bit beyond what I paid to join the Partner Program that allows me to earn.

My reading habits have changed drastically. As a Medium member, I can read anything on the site. Non-members can only read three posts a month behind the paywall for free unless they come from a Twitter link or a friend link. Many writers post their friend links to social media or send them to friends by email so their friends can read their work for free.

This month I’ve learned that even if I were earning nothing from my writing, I would still be getting lots of value from the reading. No matter what you are interested in, you can find well-written articles about it on Medium and there aren’t any annoying ads. The posts don’t try to sell you anything, either. Whether you want to read stories, poems, or articles about your favorite subject, you will probably get your money’s worth on Medium. Today I’ve been reading posts by professional photographers. I’ve also read posts on health and technical subjects this week and posts where people have shared writing tips and life lessons. There’s also humor. I’m learning much more on Medium than by watching TV about what’s happening in the world.

Many of the posts are articles by professional writers for publications whose names you would recognize that Medium contracts with. Many are also by independent amateurs and experienced freelancers who write well and have many followers. And some don’t write very well. Today I found four new writers I decided to follow because I enjoyed reading their stories. I often link to those articles on Twitter now, and if you follow the Twitter links you can read them for free. I probably read about ten articles on Medium a day just to see whom I want to follow.

I’m tempted to quit all my blogs and move the best posts to Medium, but I don’t believe in putting all my eggs in one basket. I’ll give it until December to decide. That’s the time I’ll have to start paying hosting fees again. My hosting fees are much more than a Medium membership, and I rarely break even on them, let alone really earn anything. The truth is, I hate pushing products, and that’s about the only way to earn as a blogger.

I’m curious. What do you like to read? Do you do most reading online or in print publications? What subjects interest you?